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The most watched game on YouTube has been announced!  

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Minecraft developed by Mojang purchased by Microsoft, and later this year, was the first among the most watched games on YouTube.
The success of the game began to emerge in 2009 that had triggered the front of the Xbox. In 2014, the Xbox Game Studios which incorporate construction, maintains the lead.
Road ETS 2 was introduced into the Black Sea
Road ETS 2 was introduced into the Black Sea
The price of the ETS 2 road to the Black Sea has been announced. DLC through Steam, and took place in three cities from Turkey published to discount the price of the game was made.
It was the most watched game in Minecraft
Contrary to expectations, to do with the theme of survival, I sat in the seat of leadership. Ambitious producers such as Rockstar Games and Epic Games, including some of the ratings race fiercely he went. However, there is a big difference between the leader and the second.
Shared data according to the leader of the ranking the correct data for the last four follows:
29 billion 900 million views: Garena free fire
36 billion 900 million hits: Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5)
60 billion 900 million views: Fortnite
Up to second from fourth placed in the standings. When we look at Fortnite, GTA of 5% is almost double the case. We see that the first four of the list's not PUBG.
The leader viewed the game and how?
Include your Minecraft name at the beginning of the advancing opponents fold. After it was bought by Microsoft, then continue to be updated by Mojang, it didn't affect the game. 200 million total of 100 billion was recorded as the number of views.
Most viewers prefer YouTube as the content of the game Minecraft. In 2012, the players of the game began to spread to the masses of our country continues to become increasingly interested.

Posted : 16/01/2020 5:20 pm

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