It's a music update...

It's a music update for Android YouTube  

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With the introduction of broadcasting in our country, YouTube Music, music competition between the platforms has accelerated. Joining names like Spotify and Apple Music update the music on YouTube by taking a more user-friendly aiming to be. Music YouTube for Android update was released recently 3.43. YouTube for Android update brings new Music?
Finally came the feature Spotify YouTube Music
Finally came the feature Spotify YouTube Music
YouTube Music continues to grow. However, the lack was causing them to fall behind its competitors on personalized recommendations. Feature Spotify YouTube Music.
The update is released for Android YouTube Music
Music YouTube released an update to 3.43. Both changes were made with the update for iOS and Android YouTube Music Icons. Customizable icons coming in the update at the same time YouTube has smaller dimensions than a music icon. Bug fixes and performance improvement have also been made to the effects of the update thanks to the dark mode more adjustment can be made. Longer between sets have a darker appearance. Even though the dark mode Dark Mode is disabled in Android at 10, it has become possible to use in the application.
The new Icon view
The update is now published and can be downloaded through the Google Play Store. To install the new update on your Android device, you can click here. Meanwhile, he had published for iOS noted that the update in question about 5 days ago. If you are using this app on a device that belongs to the iOS ecosystem, then you can click here to download the update.

Posted : 16/01/2020 5:19 pm

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