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World cities of the technology of the Turkish company  

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Turkish company Electronic Asis, “ASIS SA-City Technologies” with the brand is akillandiriyo the cities of the world.
Asis Director-General of smart city projects in 13 countries threw Gundogan Fatih SA said, “starting from North Africa, Arabian Peninsula and India, covering the region to China, then we have our target market. We will focus especially on India. Smart urban planning in India for five years, $ 150 billion would be invested. The technology of the Mumbai Metro in India we took part. Koci, in four cities, including Amritsar and download our devices and our Software is being used. Transportation solutions, from Greece to Portugal, Pakistan, Turkmenistan up to the different countries we operate in. For example, used in the metro in Athens is ours. In Sofia, train, bus and Metro, including in vehicle system integration projects there are three different groups,” he said.
Mobile camera systems, passenger counting Systems, Electronic Toll Collection Systems, Digital Information Systems, Smart Parking Management Technologies develops automation with bikes and scooters in the areas of Asis SA, Turkey has its share of electronic toll collection systems in 40 percent Sunday. They serve at the point 65, including 17 metropolitan voicing Gundogan, “Smart vehicle is being used in total 21.500 our cards abroad and at home. 16 million cards and the number of transactions we have reached 6 billion. In şanlıurfa Turkey for the first time in the mass we have the use of NFC in transport. Bonus Trink credit card Integration the mass transport in Samsun we have realized our project is a European-wide policy it was. Smart bike systems will be used in the municipality of Kilis,” he said.

Posted : 16/01/2020 5:31 pm

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