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Arikovani to stay upright in the technological solution  

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Massive funding of the projects of kosgeb arikovani notable straight A platform, especially for employees with desk promises a solution to the biggest problem of the posture.
Arikovani funding to ongoing severance as a coach in personal posture allows you to heal in 21 days reported that the stance of a straight person. The project, to change the posture when walking or sitting at a desk is the simplest, fastest, and most natural way to be the product of the person and thus aims to correct post.
The month of October in the year 2018 straight by the emergence of the idea of kosgeb, 2019 during the final weeks of the pre-order was opened. In the month of February pre-orders for the device delivery of prepared’per cent of the target of 37% reached a maximum within 45 days, amounting to 65 thousand TL for pre-order, aims to take.
Made informed; "a technological solution to stand upright" is defined as Kosgeb Straight, thanks to a wearable device, it gives small vibrations in the body posture has been disrupted. The hypoallergenic adhesive on one side of the skin, the device is adhered to the other side. These adhesives is between 3-10 days and it shows resistance. Straight up with a mobile application working in sync with the device when walking or driving posture while working during the day and various exercise follow the advice. Provides a graphical view of your progress with emerging data.
Some of the projects exceeded the limits of the country.
On the other hand, a funding platform for entrepreneurs of a beehive are the most preferred massive, 2019, it was stated that it continues to generate financial resources to develop and produce indigenous technologies. Turkcell TL 1.5 million so far collected in support of the Beehive took place over 6 million TL. 64 project successfully fonlandi where the project is located on the platform 34. For entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs inspiring blog post that was published and reached the number of members 114 314 464 thousand a beehive. Some of the projects crossed the country's borders to Japan, India, funds are collected from countries such as the Netherlands and the United States.


Posted : 16/01/2020 5:32 pm

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