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5G technology which is what risk, we are faced with, how our lives will be affected?  

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5G internet technology is the most widely spoken in the last period. Well told that is teknolojisine 5G data rate and communication devices will create a revolution in shopping?
The use of mobile phones in 5G cellular networks with the new rules of the technological infrastructure restructuring. In this context, radio frequencies, antennas are used in the form of processors and increasing capacity, we can talk about the new changes and additions.
Since the 1970s, engineers from different companies agree on standards and infrastructure for the configuration of cellular networks is moving at the point in collaboration. Communication devices are also manufactured in accordance to the standard of this infrastructure. Roughly every 10 years to be able to get more efficiency and better service in the light of emerging technologies in order to provide this infrastructure is being replaced and the material codes.
Here is 5 5G infrastructure. changing times means. Of course, this consumers have to buy new devices whenever the infrastructure changes. Because it is not too fast, change the past, the migration process was also long, spreading. However, today, the infrastructure changes to shorten the time interval began.
How fast is 5G?
The answer to this question Where You Live, since you've decided to train and ride when the operator which service you use, 5G will change. However, the existing rate compared to the simple answer to question: it is very fast.
For example, Qualcomm explained that the company did were achieved gigabit speeds to 4.5 per second in the tests, but this is the highest speed that is reached. The average speed is about 1.4 gigabit per second 20 times faster than fastest 4G communications technology that that even exists. Will last for only 15 seconds on average to download a movie in high definition with the face.
Gigabit speeds 100 times faster than it is now if 4 or 5 if you reach a dialog and you will have the power to 'download' button the 'play' button the movie will start playing at the same time because you will get your touch. An entire season of a TV show it might take minutes to download in high resolution and sections.
Times the delay in the installation of the internet site will also be dramatically reduced. Different service providers in order to reach the data site, and have to pass through the physical center. Today, 50 to 100 millisecond delay is considered normal. A few milliseconds of latency with 5G hosting new technologies in this area will go down.
What difference does it make?
In the beginning of communication and the speed in the delay field, including applications to open the door for revolutionary developments in the field of virtual reality is expected. The devices lighter, more free and mobile virtual reality and augmented reality becoming a part of daily life there is talk of applications that could become.
Your work life your social life, from education to entertainment, advertising practices new business fields, from medicine to trade many 5G's at some point life will change.
For example, a football game in the stadium on the field watching your phone's camera and augmented reality when you look in your glasses, you want to see all the information related to the game and players without experiencing latency and you will be able to instantly see the wait. Depending on how small devices, maybe the refs and the players themselves will also benefit from this technology.
When the 5G service will be provided?
In Barcelona, Spain at Mobile World Congress smartphone of the latest model in the promotion of many of the most prominent technological characteristics of the latest generation of 5G data communication with the power device, and an internet connection supports Oman was. However, there is a place where you can get this service yet. Hence there is not much point in a hurry to get 5G devices.
For example, this service is scheduled to enter service in the United States beginning in the second half of 2019, but we do not have an exact date. Moreover, in the whole of the United States, not before, certain cities and regions will begin. The United States, Britain, Germany, Switzerland, China, South Korea and Australia will follow. If it refers to a date in Turkey for now, it's hard.
Euronews correspondent Bart Salaets, chief engineer of the company F5 Networks Beswick Emma speaking, how it will affect the lives of 5G commented with the following words:
"Downloading movies example actually sums up everything. In 10 minutes you are downloading a movie in HD quality computer today. 5G, this won't take a second. Doctors using robotic devices in different countries and cities will be able to perform surgery without the patient's even millisecond delay in there. Smart cities, homes, vehicles will be revolutionary for all."
5G What are the risks?
5G service by 2020, according to salaets between the years of 2022 and will be able to use each of these technologies has some risks such as technology. Salaets explains the risks:
"Hundreds of thousands of new antenna and a base station need for the establishment of 5G. There are numerous people who are concerned about the long term effects of this on our health. Besides, 4G, 5G and more application because it contains higher risks compared to the previous guenlik a backdoor vulnerabilities present."

Posted : 16/01/2020 5:31 pm

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