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Part Of Being A Programmer In Turkey#1  

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In this second article that I had written for WebTekno Kodcu guy as the first spelling, which is "what is all this 4K technology and you what does it offer to us?" topic in the interest and nice comments caused a subtle emotion and gas. The second article I was relieved and quickly drink a soda and on this occasion I decided to buy keyboard keys.
Hello everyone again,
In this second article that I had written for WebTekno Kodcu guy as the first spelling, which is "what is all this 4K technology and you what does it offer to us?" topic in the interest and nice comments caused a subtle emotion and gas. On this occasion I was relieved and quickly drink a soda and throw the second article I decided to keyboard keys.
In Turkey, which software should I poke a deep wound that bleed into the world of thought. Some observations from my personal experience a bit, as a result of the determination in Turkey on the software industry I believe I have beneficial. After our foyer to our topic we can move on.
The elements to be proud of our country that we are superior because we have the hunger to own made information about each topic (Most long-nosed man like in the US). Therefore, most people knows that we are the country that has the youngest population in Europe. Most young people in the technology world is subject to the interest of the subject since he wants to work on most of the young cut.
The software on the basis of interest, which is the largest in the world in a short time and rotating the corner most of the companies software company. Founded 10 years ago, Facebook's value is 190 billion dollars, founded 16 years ago, Google's 400 billion dollars, 4 years ago, founded 19 billion dollars for WhatsApp (by Facebook) that Tupras, Turkey's largest company, which is 4 times 1 WhatsApp worth so huge it's worth. Sample from dozens able to deliver like these. Just sit down at your computer makes you a billionaire in a few years and a project. In these circumstances, the life of the school doesn't like Dig the way those of us who want to earn money quickly and in short we're encoding.
I even share a personal moment; the teacher that I read it years ago in college who don't understand computer and software, giving computer courses, but was a teacher who's interested. I was the first student in the school most knowledgeable about it. In the course come boredom, and sometimes even I used to tell classes. In these circumstances, I cut in front of the students walking school, “Abi, I want to make website, What am I doing?” he'd ask. That will be told in 5 minutes, though it's not a thing I would try to explain the reasons that it is not easy.
One day the school door, I saw a post with cardboard hanged. “Wednesday from 14 up to day 10 in the course of making a web site will be given. Those who did not attend will stay the course,” he. I attended the course with the idea that would be hilarious. The 100-odd people gathered in the school cafeteria one student, the teacher on the projector, I opened frontpage program, it took a student to the students as the other students began to turn back and ask; “what's there, how easy am here”. Drag and drop and, without explanation, HTML website making. Staying the course at the expense of the other students began to walk out of boredom. You couldn't bear with me, I went to the teacher and “can you describe a lesson?” she asked. The teacher of course “saying” desperate the way they are accepted.
Until this moment his simple HTML page right-click to open it in Notepad and reflected from the projector on the wall showing the codes, I asked; “you want to know how to make a website a lot of people among me. Think you can learn it here. If you want to make a web site means you have to understand what each of the codes here,” I said. Over 100 people at the same time “Ohooooo,” he said, the teacher is pretty broken, and a lesson to be done in 14 hours at 12:35 at finished. Moreover, I showed the code, the HTML code is the foundation of web design HTML and it was.
Until this time, I have seen many people giving up after seeing the enthusiasm and the hard work of software.
Software Languages
If I want to necessarily learn the software first you need to decide what you want to do. Write a PC application? Your web site do you make? Do you prepare application for mobile platforms? There are so many options and so many coding languages.
Write and explain them all here individually, of course, it is not possible. The first that comes to mind is coding languages, C, C, Python, Delphi, Pascal, Java, C# or Visual Basic (Windows), Objective-C (iOS) can be counted as. If you want to do something on the web is just one of the most basic languages you need to know, ASP, .NET and PHP ...
PHP is free and is being developed by a community and is completely free. My SQL database is used as database.
ASP net windows and is being developed by, .The .NET framework library developed by Windows MS SQL Data Base and use of data are used as mainly as a base again.
Of course, it's not enough just to know the ASP .NET or Php. Queries the database for the property that you will use for these outside of design and HTML, CSS, Javascript or jquery, ajax, knowledge of coding languages such as XML, you need to have.
If you want to improve your application or game for mobile platforms, Android Java, iPhone Objective-C Windows Mobile C# you need to know.
It is not possible for all coding languages explaining here. There is a lot more that could be considered in software language. In short, the software too many options and too much to learn in front of people who want to learn language softwares.
As I mentioned at the beginning of the post we put the finger on a deep bleeding wound. Therefore, you can't tell at a time. They are written for general information only and doesn't even fully address our main topic so far. We can say the section that addresses the topic in preparation for this post. Long, but, it's to let alone.

Posted : 16/01/2020 5:29 pm

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