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Me If You Have These Characteristics, Don't Be A Programmer  

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WebTekno Kodcu guy as I am with a new topic. In the series of articles to be a programmer in Turkey, also in indirect ways that we were writing, we thought we'd tell from the way directly. The particular substance with which persons with serious about becoming a programmer and let you get into trouble.
WebTekno Kodcu guy as I am with a new topic. In the series of articles to be a programmer in Turkey, also in indirect ways that we were writing, we thought we'd tell from the way directly. The particular substance with which persons with serious about becoming a programmer and let you get into trouble.
If You Are Socializing Too Much
Sociability here from morning till night, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, from Instagram it's not sitting in front of the computer without exiting. They are virtual sociability, sociality is therefore a lie.
When ever you call a friend for a ride out there and you are invited to play it without thinking if you accept the beginning of the week until the end of the week forget the time you spend with your friends if the software was planned in advance. Because every moment wasted is not a job you can't be comfortable like you've yazilimcilik.
If Hard Run Away When They See
A lot of people the software ardour, and in a short time is the main reason for me to leave. The work done and returning the money on the market, and the gas is reached. When he couldn't make anything he wants to do, or learn, as soon as forced to give up. More of a challenge and solve it if you encounter a structure ambition to go to the top if you do not have software that will make you forget.
Easy Run
In the market, the software or trying to learn for himself, "I am programmer" most of my brothers tries to do something with the code ready. From the review of the code in forums or blog sites, without looking to see how they do it, copy/paste is attempting to do by doing something. In this way, or study to learn the software "programmer" I'm saying there is no logic in.
Of course, we are thinking of making a site from scratch takes serious time to do everything ourselves and ready to take advantage of the code you may need. But at least he's ready to learn how it was made what it is by examining the codes. Otherwise, your claim that means that the programmer just trying to deceive yourself and others.
If You Don't Have Much Time
Software is a very serious time is something you will want. Especially today, work/school today like elements that occupy a serious part of while there are other things in the remaining few hours to dedicate to and if you need the time to take care of the software if you stay yazilimcilik remove to rack your thinking. Because you learn the software, or to deal with a very serious requires time.
If You Want To Be A Programmer To Earn A Lot Of Money
In Turkey, as mentioned in the series of articles to be a programmer, if you could just make a lot of money if you want to make great software is likely to be disappointed. The software, not for profit, as long as you have the enthusiasm to learn and produce something you can learn. Otherwise, in a short time get bored and leave.
If Your Computer Belongs To The Period Of Stone Age Knowledge
The basic levels of knowledge at your computer if you are not able to solve a little problem that you are experiencing yourself, and the nearest if you are running remote programmer software. First, the computer should know thoroughly, after that, the software wondering if you should go.
If You Don't Research
A program that should be in the basic research and property search you should know. Should be able to access the needed information. You should do a lot more research because a person trying to learn the software. Especially sacred on the search engine Google has to follow paths that will allow you to easily achieve what you're looking for.
Unfortunately, most Turkish people know that there is a shortage of funds. Therefore translating with Google Translate from English sources and should be able to provide the information that you need at least a basic level of English should know. Trouble shoot or so, and this fundamental distress unable to cope with, the software becomes a lot easier to leave.
If You Are Not Curious To Learn
Learning to know requires a lot of software and a lot. If you have a desire to learn and to learn if something serious if you are suffering a difficult thing to learn software such as your pen, you may not have.
Without Playing The Game/Series If You Are Unable To Stop Watching
Again, "if you don't have much time" already present in the conditions in connection with the matter from work/school it doesn't take too much time. Playing the game or watching the series if you are having the limited time remaining, and if you are unable to put a restriction on them, you can't separate the software the time it needs. I want my monitor because so many series, there are a lot of games I want to play, but I'll spare them the time needed with the software that I try to keep awareness to a minimum.
If You Have A Problem Serious Attention
Yazilimcilik a very demanding job. Even for this reason, many programmers you're distracted after midnight because he likes to work.
When a Facebook notification comes in when dealing with something if you, and if you're going to notice that she left the job, no bird sang, No insect to disperse your attention for reasons like if you farted, software, such as a job that demands serious attention, it may be difficult for you.
The software is not always easy because we're talking about. Some of our brothers in the Buddha "Charlie snapped," it's comments like that. We're saying that software is hard because it's not easy. Easy as we say, "Look, it's easy, let's the programmer," said the brothers, after this time you will see the software step that it is difficult on our own and we think misled them. On the occasion of my writing you, I never give anyone false hope, I'd like to what I would like a bum. So what you need is me my instructions it's not you, it is within you to achieve something and the hunger to learn 😉

Posted : 16/01/2020 5:29 pm

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