What is negative SEO? Ways To Prevent Negative SEO  

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Console Google Search (old name: the boiling water is being poured down your head, you open your Webmaster Tools account. The reason nightmare a message from Google:
Google, this site pointing to pages on, unnatural, artificial, deceptive or manipulative links scheme detected. Posted by buy links PageRank or link may arise from participating in these plans.
After receiving the message, you are beginning to do research on the internet like crazy, and you can see the following statement on Google's official page.
Google non-real or artificial links do not trust. Nevertheless, some links may be outside of your control we know that will affect the overall ranking of your site, a process that we don't. Instead, we perform a process that targets unnatural links to your site.
Now I think it's a relief to soak up. There was nothing to be afraid of � Well, everything could be so simple? Everyone's worst nightmare Penguin algorithm, then, guess it wasn't very important:)
Of course is very important! Immediately underlying this message is known as negative SEO and I'm starting to hear more about.
What is negative SEO?
Negative SEO your website on the search engines to lower your ranking of one is given to work.
Black hat SEO is a technique known as negative SEO which, if well implemented, if you could do huge damage to the targeted site.
Negative SEO work
Which are quite high chances of being successful negative SEO work what's going on, let's go see...
1. Backlinks are harmful: the most dangerous work in the name of negative SEO, spam backlinks are working. Because I want to open this thread a little as I mentioned at the beginning of my post, the subject doesn't say much as Google.
When you have control of incoming backlinks to your website, you can even come across sites that you can't pronounce his own name ridiculous. A large part of the backlinks from Google was talking about Russia and Ukraine on the example above, the topic can be shown.
This link is spam, therefore likely for all the world to know already, delete all of these links won't do you any good.
Negative SEO backlinks are what is used in the work? I explain to him.
Subject when it comes to backlink, Google will only gain natural backlinks. So natural-looking, Non-all backlinks, Google filters can be attached.
A malicious person, known by everyone instead of poor quality spammy sites and link from your site turned into a dump dozens of worthless sites at the same time (valuable to your pages) if it starts to send a backlink, Google backlinks may create a perception that it was purchased in. Hence, negative SEO work with success will expire.
2 – Content Theft
Indeklsenme is not the same as the speed of each website. So, within seconds you create content that can be listed in Google search results while indexing another page could take days.
And what has that got to do with negative SEO? I explain to him.
Indexing sites that are slow to update their sites with content stolen from its speed quite a lot of people have that. So you share content on your site, yet Google bots coming to your site, without boat or manually steal your content and putting your own site on another site now.
Therefore, labor-intensive can see your created content to enjoy stolen!
3 – Site Speed
A quite common negative SEO work, the site will lower your landing speed and even attacks that can bring down your server.
The opening speed of the website both for search engines and user experience is a very important issue. If it is so slow to open your website, Google is bothering you that much it means. Therefore, after a while, it's inevitable that you're falling in the top of Google search results.
Standing a job that requires great skill or very complex, these negative SEO work, in fact, nothing is not as difficult as it seems. Even 30-40 dollars for the website you want, you can make a bot to attack from 3-4 different applications, you can put your opponent in a very difficult position. (Definitely not!)
4 – Backlink Playback
Off-site optimization work form the basis of studies it is possible to make negative SEO work backlink. It's almost too easy!
This study is done in the following way:
•Posted by website backlink to you is reaching your opponent.
•Sent to speak on behalf of your backlinks should be removed immediately, otherwise he says he will complain to or about the site;
•Sent demanding payment in exchange for removal of backlinks.
With this work you start to see the backlinks you've earned lose and drop in the rankings.
Ways To Prevent Negative SEO
A big part of SEO work able to be protected from negative. What you need to do if I need to sort
1.You should regularly check incoming backlinks,
2.With the tool Google links backlinks to refuse harmful avoid
3.After posting your content, with Google reporting tool to inform such URL,
4.The website that stole your content you think e-mail and send it to the other side and throw the seriousness of the situation,
5.To prevent bots from your website outside of search engines,
6.Talk with the backlinks you have lost and you must find out why relevant for the website.
Come On, Take It Easy!

Posted : 16/01/2020 5:31 pm

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