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A better experience for users on mobile devices to offer mobile SEO optimization is the work which is made. For example, a user of a mobile phone can navigate the site without difficulty after you have entered a web site from Google search engine results considers this to be positive in your work.
Well, what does it mean to navigate a web site without difficulty? I'll tell you in a second...
Responsive design, before examining the use of dynamic design and a separate mobile site, Mobile SEO, let's examine the work of search engine optimization that need to be done.
Mobile SEO work
If you've already optimized your website for search engines, mobile SEO, we can say that you will not be too tired to work.
Boot Speed
In our country, given that the connection rate as compared to other developed countries are much lower (4.5 G, we're looking forward to it), the landing page speed on mobile devices emerges as a very important issue.
Images to be optimized, code reduction, reduction of cache usage and referrals, will have a positive impact on the speed of your landing page, as it will allow you to gain the upper hand against your opponents.
Access to CSS and JavaScript files
That used to be some mobile devices and hence mobile CSS and JavaScript files site owners did not support these elements hindered. Now the situation has changed!
Googlebot now wants to examine and access these files. To block these files if you continue, you will not see the mobile view of your web site as a user of Google search engine results and this is reflected in the negative.
Googlebot does not have access to these files when the CSS and JavaScript files are inaccessible as a Google search in your account Console you will be greeted with a warning.
For mobile site design
The design of a mobile site is very important for users and search engine bots. Mobile design needs to be done about:
Do not use Flash
The Flash plugin on your mobile site or if a user's phone after entering, you may miss all the fun. You can choose HTML5 instead of flash.
Pop-ups do not use
Use to pop up your bounce rate on mobile devices increases significantly. Both examinations are quite difficult to be closed both the pop-ups, your site will have a negative impact on mobile SEO.
Button design
What buttons on your pages large enough to be pressed accidentally, nor should be of a kind too small to be clicked. You don't want to piss off your visitors �
Use Of Structured Data
On mobile devices screen is much smaller compared to the desktop because you can take part in much more area with the use of rich snippets. This also is a major reason you prefer to your users.
Local – Local SEO
When the subject is mobile, Local SEO is becoming more important. Title, update your address and phone information, and register your site to Google mobile searches will increase gorunurlulug.
Is responsive design a separate mobile site?
If your website is not mobile compatible, you need to make the most important decision: your mobile site; responsive, dynamic or separate mobile site is going to have.
Responsive Design
seosozluk responsive view
Responsive sites, the same content with CSS3 media queries, mobile, tablet and desktop image tools and users is adapted to the pollution, without giving the opportunity to offer a healthy experience.
Responsive design; width, resolution and queries according to the rules of harmony targets.
Sample code example is as follows:
<link href=”mobile.css” type=”text/css” media=”screen and (max-device-width: 480px, LED backlight)” rel=”stylesheet”/>
•Low cost
•Can be easily applied,
•Does not require complex device identification and routing.
•Desktop, which is suitable for large pages on mobile devices may be a little slower,
•Is able to offer a great mobile experience.
Dynamic Design
dynamic design
Dynamic design, HTML and CSS code of your user-gives you the opportunity to offer different according to the agent. Wouldn't be any change in the URL.
Sample code example is as follows:
GET /page-1 HTTP/1.1
(other HTTP queries...)
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-type: text/html
Vary: User-Agent
Content-Length: 5710
(other HTTP queries...)
•You can use a single URL for all devices,
•Mobile gives you the possibility of differentiation according to content,
•Can offer a great mobile experience.
•You'll be dealing with a complex technical structure,
•High cost you will encounter.
Separate Mobile Site
Another option for mobile users different-parallel to design a web site. Separate mobile site work, will provide you your opportunity to provide different content to users.
In order to avoid interference in the URL, many web sites, mobile sites the beginning of the “M” subdomain adds to the. Example:
Separate mobile site as it is in dynamic design structure, users are likely to be able to show incorrect versions hence you need to be very careful.
Another important issue that should be considered for separate mobile sites is to use the canonical tag. Unless you add canonical tags to the mobile version of your site if your SEO score is a mess the problem of duplicate content.
•Different from the view from the desktop, there is the possibility of providing the content you want on the page you want,
•You can give a great user experience.
•The problem of high cost,
•More complex SEO work will be waiting for you.
Well, from my above, the design which is most suitable for you?
According to company sources, the above 3 options you want from you can apply. If you don't want to get too technical, responsive structure, if you don't have budget problems, dynamic design, and if you don't have shortage of budget and resources, a separate mobile design you can choose. This choice may vary according to the services you provide and the structure of your site.
For example, if you have a site that produces content, a responsive design you can choose, but if you sell a product you can choose the dynamic or a separate mobile site.
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Posted : 16/01/2020 5:30 pm

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