HTML meta tags for SEO purposes we should use and how?  

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SEO compatible meta tags are HTML tags and how do we use it ? Meta tags and HTML tags which is important for SEO ? What is most important the meta tag of the Google search engine ? Title, meta description, heading tags, meta robots , rel canonical and proper use of alt tags for SEO What should be the visual ? The answers to this questions about the use of HTML meta tags and you can find our videos this week
Hi everyone , we're back with a new video. This week's video SEO from video SEO compliant then the topic of the article to HTML and the meta tags will be Appropriate.
Meta tags and SEO
Of our web site, meta tags in the <head>..</head> tags we put between the Label Group. Search engines inform you about the purpose of the Web page. Our Web page content search engines like Google meta tags , title and we can inform to be considered. There is a very a meta tag, for SEO, the important ones are as follows.
What should I have in the title tag SEO compliant ?
Example : <title> How to prepare SEO compliant title – </title>
The title tag is the title tag of a web page that indicates to the search engines. At the same time, also as a blue link in Google search engine results you see from the texts in the title tag we wrote the part that takes time. Firstly, I want to make regarding the appropriate use of the title tag SEO a few information.
1.55 characters of the title tag or 512 px ‘notice that is less than
Google and other search engines search engine pages in the search results of a certain length can show in the form of a link to the headers. According to the result of the character that is used, in conjunction with this rate change , in desktop view the text on 512 Pixels will not be displayed fully.
2.Keywords within the title tag we necessarily should
Target a different keyword for each page , considering that Google's search engine for these keywords in the meta tag title tag which is one of the most important we spend our. The key words in our head as much as possible will be useful to us if we use it. Don't add the keyword to the end of our title.
3.The title meta tag and the brand surely be impressive ,must contain the name of the website
We wrote the title meta tag the title in the search results in the US will be released to users. The meta tag title while important for the Google algorithm , the user for coming to our web site, by clicking on the link, the user will have an affect on. So we need to be creative when writing the title tag.
4.The title of our web site pages meta tags should be different than
As an example, we have 100 web pages , 50 of them, with the same title , it should not contain the title.All areas must be different from each other if possible
Meta tags and SEO
Example : <meta name=”description” content=”xxx” />
Our web pages informing search engines about us description the meta description tag is the text that we did. This text, thanks to the web master as we'll give search engines information about what the page contains. In recent years, a label that is used as a variable in the algorithm, which is the meta description tag , the meta description tag as a ranking factor, as mentioned by Google but nowadays this is not used.
•Must Be Under 155 Characters Meta Description Tag
Like the meta title tag, Meta description tag, there is a limit of characters we can use. This character limit for the meta description tag is between 150-160. Again, varies proportionally with the characters used pixelleri. Meta description under 155 characters, you can write a tag to stay in the safe zone.
•Meta Description Tag SEO Indirect Effect : CTR
The two lines below the title in search results of the Google search engine from the meta description tag is located.Therefore, the user of our website, click on the link text within this tag we need to add in order to an impressive.
•Meta Description Tag Must Be Different
Again , like the title, the meta description tag on every page should be different.As our numbers page in the meta description tag must differ.Whether it is a problem with the console we can check from the account of our web site search. Programs like Screaming Frog or DeepCrawl title with meta description tag of our control, we can reveal the similarities.
Robots Meta Tag and indexing
Example : <meta name=”robots” content=”index, NOFOLLOW”>
The Meta Robots Tag Google and other search engines of web pages indexed or not indexed , and the links that transmit the decision to follow or failure to follow tags. The search engine bots to your web pages they're coming, we're recording indeksleyip to their databases.If we if we want to be shown in the search results of our website, we can use the Meta Robots Tag.
1.The Meta Robots Tag noindex to the index and
The meta robots tag of “index” command uses indeksleyec Search Engine page, the data will be saved into the database and it will show in the search results.”no index” command uses if the Web page won't show up in the search engine search results. Must be used carefully, otherwise it may result in search results not being displayed on our Web page.
2.Follow and nofollow Meta Robots Tag
Is indekslerle scans and web search engines by following the links. The Meta Robots Tag “follow” command if you use, Google will follow all links on the Web page , the value will transfer.Command with the NoFollow , Google won't follow the links on the Web page, and will not transfer any link value.
Different Meta Tags
Outside of this there is a meta tag Meta tags are a very. The meta keywords tag is pretty much in the way in previous years were used. Search results because of the use in a manipulative way, Google no longer uses this tag as a ranking factor.
SEO Compliant HTML tags
Some of our Web page we use HTML tags for SEO is very important. SEO compliant HTML tags we will talk about this people.
Compliant SEO heading tags – H1-H6 tags
Example : <h1>...</h1> – <h2></H2>...<h6></h6>
Heading tags are labels that are mentioned on our Web page sub-headings in order of importance. There are total 6 heading tags between H1 and H6 we can use. The most important the title tag, H1 heading tag.H6 the most trivial of the page in the title tag.We don't have to use all of these heading tags.
1.You should use one h1 tag on each page
You should use only one h1 tag as the main title of the page. This title will be used as a ranking factor by Google's algorithm. Of course, as in the other titles. Title has your main keyword in your H1, you are sure that it's important.
2.Category , sub category and other H Tags
In the content of our page able to create sub-categories sub-headings to H2 tags we use the number we want. The generated h2 tag in sub-category a subcategory of, or relatively insignificant if there is a subtitle, we can use h3 tag.
An important heading tags in terms of SEO HTML tag.
Rel Canonical tag and SEO
Example : <link rel=”canonical” href=”” />
Our Web page different web pages which are quite similar to or identical copies of us, then if you have the Google search engine the page that we point with rel canonical HTML tag should be taken into consideration.
1.Note The Use Of Rel Canonical Tag
When using the rel canonical HTML tag is important for SEO which we need to be careful. Rel canonical tag on a page that we want to appear in the search results by using a points to a different web page , then Google will identify it as the original canonical page and rel pointed to our page won't show up in search results is located.
2.Copy content and Use Rel Canonical
Many similar copy of the same page or even on our website is accessible via different URL addresses. Rel Canonical tags help in this point. Rel canonical tag on all pages by using an similar copy and can point to the original web page , copy the content in terms of SEO, you can eliminate the damage that will do.
Visual alt tags and SEO
Example :
The content of the videos and visuals on web pages that Google's search engine he doesn't understand.Different technological developments on this subject , though, still this is exactly not possible.When using our web site visual visual of the image with the alt tag is what we report in the text form on Google.
1.Alt tags should be descriptive visual
The visual content of the image alt tag should be descriptive as much as possible, if possible, it should contain our key words.
2.The alt tag should be different visual
Should not use the same text for each image on a page , instead we need to use descriptive alt tag for each image with different visual content.
Your comments and questions are welcome. Next week, again with a new topic to discuss
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