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Developing web based application with PHP article PHP web programming language that is used when you are given information about.
PHP developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995, is a scripting language that allows for web-based application development that runs on the server.
The staff consists of a home page or Hypertext Preprocessor stands for the current name.
What does it do?
Basically the user typed commands PHP, browser-sided working HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is used to produce the output.
For example, the user to the site's different when in the morning, noon and evening when they entered different values gives different when it's an application that can be made.
In the browser that runs HTML, CSS and JavaScript can't connect to the data base with, and also can't afford to keep the data confidential.
Where the data is stored in a specific way with PHP to a database (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle) by connecting data users we can offer.
What can be done?
Using the programming language PHP web messaging system, membership system, e-commerce system, the buddy system can be made.
Most web pages on the internet, we can do it with PHP.
How does it work?
When we enter a web page server software (Apache, nginx, IIs) request to the server, web programming languages (PHP, ASP.NET JSP) forwards.
Server-side web programming language that executes commands that corresponds to the request is running.
If it is necessary when running commands, database (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.) a connection through which the data is retrieved.
Browser data to the user-sided working HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with the server software in the format that is transmitted.
PHP works with Apache and MySQL binaries mostly.
Thanks to the PHP CLI, Apache server, in response to requests for a simple structure without presents.
Why popular?
The reason for the popularity of PHP is platform independent module Support, Error Detection and support for MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL provides support for most data, such as access to the base.
Object-oriented programming language with support for Php 5 while the popularity has declined somewhat with increased with the development of Object-Oriented Programming has become popular again with support for.
Another reason of popularity of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PHP has been developed with popular software such as Vbulletin.
How is it learned?
To learn PHP for web pages and various video tutorials are available.
However, these videos and web pages may be in a complicated arrangement.
Step by step in an orderly manner, it would be beneficial to buy a book to learn PHP.
PHP just read the lessons, watch the videos and read the book will not provide it to the lesson.
By making lots of mistakes typing PHP code in all programming languages, is learned by correcting errors.
Here you can find PHP classes...
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