What is Php PDO?  

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With PHP PDO for database operations, offering a common structure provides information about how to.
What is Php PDO?
PDO PHP data object (stands for Php data objects.
PDO supported databases for common methods and properties hosts an OOP class.
PHP OOP Classes can be found here.
Using the PDO class PDO drivers for database/systems data insert, select, Update, etc. allows you to make transactions.
PDO database drivers are / can be used with databases;
•MS SQL Server
•MS SQL Server
•ODBC and DB2
What is PBL?
With support bundled with PHP 5 OOP, OOP, application development, flexibility and ease of PHP has come to.
Thanks to the support of Php OOP, PDO, PHP provides a common structure that is written by developers for database operations.
Prior to PDO, for each database a different function, or a plugin was used (for MySQL mysql_ odbc_ for ODBC for Oracle oci_ etc.).
However, changing the database system in the application all the code that is developed with PHP will have to be revised.
Through PBL, just to be done according to a new system database parameter, the database connection will be enough.
Preliminary PBL due to the structure of the query, such as SQL injection offers a solution for situations where it doesn't want.
In summary, the PBL structure transactions on database systems that are supported by learning all you can make.
Because it is also an OOP PDO class can be extended by inheritance.
PHP PDO class can be found here...
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