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PHP MySQLi what is it?  

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Transactions in MySQL with PHP MySQLi improved MySQL interface, which is known as provides information about used to make.
PHP MySQLi what is it?
MySQL is a database that can be used by many programming languages.
Database programming languages that provide communication between plugin commands, component, or interface is called.
PHP 5 with MySQL functions begin with mysql_ prior to the release that was used to make the transaction.
After the release from Php 5 oop support, and the existing shortcomings in the MySQL interface and new additions made to resolve the name of the interface MySQLi (MySQL Improved) has been.
The new interface with MySQL
•Object-Oriented Interface Object-Based Interface)
•Prepared Statements (Prepared Queries)
•Multi Query (Multiple Queries)
etc. has Innovations.
The mysqli_ functions instead of mysql_ functions have been added to provide support for previous functional development.
SQL injection, etc. unwanted situations for pre-defined queries and methods/functions have been added.
Pre MySQLi-MySQL Connection;
$connection = mysql_connect("Server", "User", "Password");
mysql_query("select * from members");
MySQL with mysqli connection;
$connection = mysqli_connect("Server", "User", "Password", "Database");
mysqli_query($link, "select * from members");
OOP MySQLi and MySQL Connection;
$connection = new mysqli("Server", "User", "Password", "Database");
$query = $connection->query("select * from members");
To use MySQL with PHP MySQLi oop it will be useful for operations.
PHP MySQL course can be found here...
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Posted : 16/01/2020 5:28 pm

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