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In the dark mode the timing feature may be coming with Android 11  

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10 users with Android update Google long-awaited Dark Mode is presented. The company who used to work on the next operating system, the process scheduling feature removed in beta 10 Android Android 11. in preparing to bring back.
The growth of smart phone screens increasingly, the importance of the dark mode even more had increased. Saving battery power and reducing eye fatigue in the last period in terms of both applications and the operating system preferred by many in the dark mode, 10 had found its way into the Android update.
Google's system-wide dark mode to provide the feature, Dark Mode is allowed to broadcast many of their own Android applications. Connoisseurs will be in beta mode for Android dark 10 were setting the timing. The Dark Mode feature in question made it possible for users to use any time range; however, 10 with stable version of Android Google removed this feature.
The dark mode in the range of 11 Android you will be able to use your own hours
the Dark mod android 10
Suddenly restarting while in use by Applications user experience feature such a decision to adversely affect the U.S. company, this feature which is basically very functional Android 11. in preparing to bring back. About the topic in the comments a Google employee, the company evaluates the future of the property and the timing of complaints from users confirmed that Android version will be added in.
Scheduling feature if you don't want to wait until Google comes up with Android, there are some third-party applications that you might have this function in the 10; however, many of these it is quite complicated because you might prefer not to. For this reason it is useful to hang in a little longer for Android update 11. Maybe a Google by surprise, before we may publish the property in question. To learn how to use Dark Mode feature on Android, you can read our article HERE.

Posted : 16/01/2020 5:24 pm

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