What Is AdSense?  

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With the advancement of the ICT sector today, there are many areas in our websites. The development and improvement of our internet sites is considered as one of the most important ideas of us. Of course, when we look at the development of the US you must remember that all we have to do a few moves.
If you are saying that I should explain you first what is AdSense. We call the system enables you to earn revenue through AdSense on your site. Together with the work for you so your visitors advertising, the advertiser pays certain fees or institution you contact. So to earn income from your site you agree. At this stage it is not like giving advertising to each site. When you meet some situations, you can use the advertising system.
Get Adsense
Adsense how to get the answer to the question below. By following these steps you can easily get an AdSense.
By taking information completely fill out your Gmail account,
Google+ creating a profile, try to fill in the information in this section,
The best way to optimize your blog or site,notify
Enter the content article to be 400 words at least 30,
You can add articles that must be at least Category 5
You have a strong link to the issues mentioned in the article with original content never break equipment and outputs you have
Content after posting on your social media accounts to share them
The systems that have been stated above, you must remember that you need to wait at least 3 weeks after. Afterwards, on the following areas apply you should click on the address,
In the resulting page, enter the requested information,you must
Write the desired section of your web site to a domain you must select the Turkish language and Turkish,
After this process you should expect. Once approved, they are informed on your side.

Posted : 16/01/2020 5:23 pm

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