How To Get Easy AdSense Approval?  

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Hello our valued readers and our customers, started to work as around the time when thewp theme themes our first goal was to prepare to comply with Google AdSense policies, and this is our first theme which is fullse sense with the theme we were done. After receiving feedback from our customers very good theme, the theme is constantly kept up to date, we have already for 3 years sale continues this theme in an active way.
We have hundreds of sites with AdSense and get approval fullse sense of profitable customers. AdSense is more or less so we know what you want, and in this article we're going to tell you what you should do and some tips for what to do. At first starting to tell me that mistakes and what shouldn't, we will highlight the main considerations.
A lot of people who apply for Adsense adsense examination of the site by reference to the result of "insufficient content" is rejected by called. However, persons who apply;
A - 300 word original content to the site entered
B - the number of hits is between 50 to 100 Daily
C - they do the right thing for the ad placement in the theme
D - they made reference to the site after 1-2 months after opening
that is to say. All of these known to correct, but not true enough.
Tell you need to edit the above ingredients:
A - at least 300 words of the original article to your website with people who get what needs did you give her?
B - daily 50-100-150 if the number of hits doesn't matter, what matters is that you create content that corresponds to the content they are looking for people from search engines to your site and how did you manage to attract them? This number is not your site meets exactly what they are looking for people already in a short time 50-100 400-500 over time even when there could be more.
C - your theme can be done right on your ad placement, but advertising is exactly the way Google wants your mobile and desktop fields?
D - there could have been to reference in a hurry?
by asking these questions to you so that real let me tell you what needs to be done. A,b,c and D below will consider this matter in as wide a way.
What Is Important In Your AdSense Application?
A) Original and diverse content
First reference original content on your site and visitors should be satisfied. What did you mean satisfactory? People who come to your site with a search engine, search have enough information about thing does? it means that.
What did you mean by original content? We're talking about the difference between the content on other sites with your content. For example, the first choice of those who want to make a fast buck because there are a lot of resources at their fingertips fashion or recipe site is getting, and immediately they can produce similar visual and content. This is the largest 1. is wrong with you.
If they have the same content as other sites so my site will get AdSense approval? you might be asking, of course you are mistaken. Again, let's run through an example of the site in the above fashion. There are millions of local and foreign fashion sites in the world, but there are sure differences between them, maybe some people copy each other, but can publish AdSense ads. The reason of this contradiction, maybe you already have AdSense referral may be made in the same fashion sites, with ads on sites that submit an application may use a different site. now, we're sure !
We took the topic too far, let's get to the point with examples. Briefly what we want to say, nobody knows (if needed) or a little-known sector open the site up to people and hearty, the original post and the original pictures (can be a picture you have taken yourself) you can create your site.
B) Natural Traffic
So your site traffic the number of visitors (hits) a site is thought to be too difficult to win, prepare as described in the first article above, over time you Google someone you know to like it he can hit. Between 300-500 hits before it reaches your site daily so it is not correct to make an application. In this article we will describe with some D you could say the same thing.
C) theme and ad placement
Google raises the value in the eyes and I like everything that is fast and simple. You already know the subject of speed, more than enough large pictures on your site use Java Script Feature in your query too much the number of the theme using a theme that has been done and the necessary optimizations to below the speed of your site will attract. Why before you take this theme SEO score measuring sorgulatman and other sites you must. This inquiry of 85% and above are regarded as generally good results.
This inquiry has found a theme that you have good values, but for Google AdSense ad placement for a site is also important. So you need to choose the theme with the AdSense ad layout in accordance with policy.
D) Reference Time
As we said at the end of the article above the natural traffic to your site, increase hits to the natural ways of must wait patiently. Naturally without doing any SEO work on your site in order to get AdSense approval hitlenme expect of the site is important. So we don't yet have the number of hit during application should be between 300-500 precise information because at least we can say that. Of course, this number is more, if your content is full of full of you always and like they say if there will be more.
Thank you for reading our article, we hope you'll get Google AdSense Approval after this post 🙂 good luck.

Posted : 16/01/2020 5:22 pm

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