How to apply for Google AdSense?  

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One of the easiest ways to make money by adding Google AdSense ads on your website. Many large and small web site revenue of the blog. Thanks rich I've seen one, but I do know that those who have enough income to sustain life.
For example, a blog that I love broadcasting for many years has managed to survive thanks to Google AdSense. The author, in the beginning, the better of you winning, full-time gave the weight to quit your job and write a blog. This continued for a few years. At this point in time because of old ad blocking plugins but didn't gain.
Of course, this is a different size. The bid to be rejected because the AdBlock plugin Google continues to struggle with. Not as much as it used to be, thus, the system continues to feed both Google and the publishers. The prospect of earning a lot of money even if not many bloggers are looking for a system. Akmas drips also because, at least, hosting, theme, plugin, etc. there is the idea of the expenses. The easy integration of the system, the light of the conditions of participation is a point of attraction to be separate.
Indeed, with these thoughts in me, I applied for both systems and application stages I wanted to explain to those who wonder it photographed. Google AdSense advertising system if you want to make reference to the manual everything in one step by applying I think you can easily register your system.
How to apply for Google AdSense?
Application for the registration page, enter the Google AdSense system. If you have a Google account, first click on the button. Or by opening a new account, and continue from the same page. (I'll admit I have an account with the standard Google account is that I think almost everyone has one.)
Sign in with your username and password.
The language of the content continue entering the website and click on the button.
I've applied for Google AdSense, but then what?
Reference the Google AdSense is complete, the block of code that you added is displayed as a space on your website. Ad impressions are made before your account is approved. Google evaluate your site, will get back to you within one week at the latest. Or you will be accepted into the system. An excuse is presented and specific or you will be rejected.
Sometimes the reason your server is temporarily unresponsive the result of Red “we haven't been able to examine your site,” the excuse could be “Insufficient content” as it could be a bigger problem. But regardless of the reason for the rejection as shown, making reference again to correct the problem and the chances are always there.
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Posted : 16/01/2020 5:23 pm

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