Crypto coins did it come about?  

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Alias Satoshi Nakamoto called Bitcoin appeared first on crypto currency in 2009 by a programmer. Satoshi Nakamoto squeezed from the classic methods of payment, the Money Control and manipulation by the central banks will be under the control of ordinary people and completely fed up with no institution or organization and is not connected to in any way to be prohibited and this will be closed and the blockchain protocol is a protocol that has produced gave the name.
Blockchain or block chain technology is trying to connect users with each other completely, and it was a decentralized system. If so, someone on that network will lose access to the internet or shut down your computer, even though you could continue to maintain the network for other users. No institution or organization without being connected to the plants thus produced can be transferred, and could not be controlled by governments.
Exactly what is crypto currency?
Satoshi Nakamoto came out with this idea of for a few years after the Plants produced had a value. People produce as a hobby or curiosity for Bitcoin, Bitcoin produce they were sending their people. May 22, 2010 Laszlo Hanyecz in a forum “I want to buy a Bitcoin with 10,000 pizzas 2” and another user gave in the form of a ref with any $ 25 purchase 10,000 BTC pizza sold in exchange for Laszlo. Thus, history's first crypto currency used for the purchase of a product in the real sense of the idea of life Nakamoto and Satoshi had been in practice was found.
Crypto currency, blockchain technology produced a digital decentralized currency which cannot be controlled by anyone so may be regarded as. The name “Crypto” cryptographic operations cryptography comes from the use of this money during the production of the expression. Today, although there are other technical differences from the crypto money money as to the purpose of usage does not differ.
As of July 2018, approximately 1600 crypto currency there is different, and each has different values. The determination of the value of these currencies are performed by the users entirely, and no government, institution or organization can't have a say in. Various crypto coins crypto currency is why they wanted to be alternatives to each other, the processing time to be different, work more efficiently, etc. it can be called.
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What is
School Blockchain Istanbul (Istanbul School Blockchain) What Is It?
School Blockchain Istanbul (Istanbul School Blockchain) What Is It?
I got a new name from Turkey. Blockchain evidence of continuity in this race after the rapidly growing developments in the field Blockchain Blockchain Istanbul, Turkey's first school project, the school announced.
Sunday May 30, 2019 on the day of the Turkish capital markets and Istanbul financial support program of Istanbul Development Agency in an innovative and creative Association organized by habitat association within the scope of the school project was launched in conjunction with the launch of Istanbul blockchain.
Initially Istanbul who lives in a large community of developers, entrepreneurs, and young high school and college students for participation in Informatics training for technical professionals in the financial sector also this needs to follow the announcements on the web site of habitat Association.
Istanbul School Blockchain
Venture House, held in Ankara, Turkey Ilkay Arıkan Secretary General of the Association of capital markets in the event of the Istanbul Development Agency Representative Mailoglu Craving Jasmine, Bahçeşehir University research and Application Center Director Dr. Bora Erdamar Blockchain, Habitat Association, and Istanbul project coordinator chairman of the board of directors Sezai Ismail participated in the blockchain ready school text.
“We aim to close the gap in the field of training and Human Resource Blockchain”
Istanbul Ismail Project Coordinator School Text Blockchain, as a country, in the field of blockchain technology for the purpose of being the quarterback of the school said they had a project.
We are opening in Istanbul breathe new life into the ecosystem getiriyoruz.@istkaorgtr supported by @habitat Association as @tspakb org TR we are making in partnership with the @blockchain with the public we share our school project. We are excited, we are proud.
— Ismail Text (@text Ismail) on May 30, 2019
They aim to raise awareness about expressing expert software text also by increasing the blockchain Ismail, he added:
“Blockchain project, prototype, finance and business models particularly, we aim to bring together various sectors in Istanbul. Our target group who lives in Istanbul, developers, entrepreneurs, high school and college students on the subject, computing and technical staff within the finance sector in Istanbul and there are young.”
“We aim to include this target group of our project blockchain. Blockchain in the field of training and human resource in our country, we aim to close the gap.”
Istanbul School Blockchain
Istanbul School Blockchain
Crypto coins today is a special text that is being used extensively as a means of payment, said:
“After 10 years of coins as a means of payment that was used to tell the kids we may have. The emergence of the internet, technology is referred to as the revolution.”
“After the emergence of blockchain technology and the internet technology is considered to be a second revolution. Blockchain as the structure is completely open, free and accessible ecosystem offers. The financial world as much as it is Blockchain state-citizen relations, logistics, healthcare, real estate, it's a technology that has the capacity to affect many areas, such as education.”
Habitat Association Information and communication technologies, which was started with the presentation of the launch program coordinator Ismail texts, Habitat Association, chairman of the board of directors Sezai Turkey Ilkay Arıkan Secretary General of the Association of capital markets with the opening of the Istanbul Development Agency representative mailoglu Jasmine craving and continued.
Launch the program ended after the panel organized on the blockchain technology. All the details about the project will be announced in the coming days.
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What is
What is Ankara? Detailed Review
What is Ankara? Detailed Review
What is Ankara?
ANKARA process aims to exploit computing resources in data centers and equipment that is making a distributed computing platform. ANKR provided by their capacity to businesses and consumers equipment, on-premises servers, private cloud, and the cloud is to make an economic model where they can make money from even general. ANKR to the users of this allows you to have the force of a crash is higher at a much cheaper price.
The Status Of The Project?
The Technological Properties Of The Network Blockchain ANKR
ANKR that includes the following technological features:
◾Proof of useful work (PoUW) based on the consensus protocol has a mining resource efficient programme.
◾Current internet solutions and real-world data that provides a seamless interface to the Oracle Service in the chain that connects the entities.
◾Distributed cloud computing (DCC) platform.
◾Possess side chains and multi-chain structure.
ANKARA Proof of useful work the system
ANKARA Proof of useful work the system
Useful Proof of work: excavation and electrical bitcoin hash chains as in the power on unnecessary extra, instead of wasting PoUW consensus, self-sustainable cycle that a blockchain provides. PoUW also, work tasks, resulting in the creation of businesses and consumers that use of the resources that are provided by right and allows it to be used in the most beneficial way.
ANKARA has a system that uses global computing resources. Miner initially only of its existence, but also our rent and our capable of CPU mining. In other words, the CPU miners when they were about to get more profit from mining will be able to obtain loans as they are a profit.
SGX (Software Guard Extensions): Protocol to ensure the privacy and security with remote check SGX-enabled works on CPUs. PoUW new model, if given adequate incentives to the power idle of the excavation with a huge potential around the world allows it to be used: in this scheme, each user that is used by the system to produce blocks and some extra coin you can obtain the reward they can get. In the future, this mining schema of the universal basic income (UBI) can create benefit.
Oracle Service: Oracle Integrated services, and the cryptographic data from both the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) using validated data provides a source. Data available from the web site thanks to a standard API and port the Oracle Service in a way that makes businesses more accessible to the mining activities in the real world ANKARA engine, which makes it easier.
Distributed cloud computing (DCC) Platform: platform is a DCC peer-to-peer model allows the generation of computing power between users. PoUW consensus through the mechanism of the miners, for example, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. in order to secure the network while calculating the blank such as will be able to use your computer's resources. DCC can create extra supply area miners with the platform. Individuals who need extra computing resources/companies, will constitute the demand side of DCC. DCC, compared to existing cloud computing services cloud at the entrance barrier to increase protection and reduce the number allows.
Multi-chain structure: different, depending on the applications in the side chain enables you to make their own smart contracts, based on Pouw prevents excessive loading in the main chain. The main chain of the chain out of the data of each sub-chain will provide the fast transfer of a data delivery service for local authentication. In the current business world, powerful computing power and local data that is provided by the main chain in the lower chain with decentralized autonomous Submission Service helps in creating applications.
The concept of the main chain and the lower Chain of Ankara
The concept of the main chain and the lower Chain of Ankara
Ankara team
Co-founder & CEO at ANKARA
Chandler Song
Co-founder & CEO
Business CEO of Stanley Wu, co-founder & CTO at ANKARA
Stanley Wu
Co-founder & CTO
Ryan Fang co-founder & COO at ANKARA
Ryan Fang
Co-founder & COO
David P. Anderson, technical advisor at Business ANKARA
David P. Anderson
Technical Advisor
Road Map
ANKARA road map
ANKARA road map
Benefits of the project in Ankara
◾Project, the consensus protocol (PoUW), reliable hardware, data flow (Oracle), distributed computation and side-chain like structure is trying to overcome the big problems faced blockchain too. If successful, can become a major project.
◾PoUW, reveal the potential of scraping a large amount of force into a tool that could transform and modeling infrastructure that can create new and productive.
◾ANKR Project has received strong support from respected institutional investors, and this project is one of the factors that increase confidence in.
ANKARA's concerns about the project
◦Project, and distributed computing to create a strong network effect, a provider is in need of numerous suppliers. However, the adoption of the platform to ensure that any business partnership / market strategy was explained.
◦Don't go beyond July 2018 roadmap, which also makes it difficult to predict the team's project plan related to situations which might shake confidence in a range of.
◦The CEO and COO, including some key members of the team are fresh out of college and have limited work experience.
Summary of the project in Ankara
ANKARA, on the side of the engine thanks to a project that has the goals and awareness Sunday is promising. Most funds are provided from the unions is not allowed on a fixed income and at the same time, following the sale of boats is much more demanding not be satisfied, although at the same time, ANKARA is trying to solve many problems, it's a very ambitious project. The first stage of the project considering both technical and business development on the side, have a neutral opinion about the long-term viability of the project. However, the project team if they manage to successfully overcome potential should not be underestimated and is a project that will allow you to profit.
white paper
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ICO Reviews
Nuls, What Is It ? The Most Comprehensive Guide
Nuls, What Is It?
If NULS to summarize; that is, individuals and their networks that enables you to create customizable to the needs of institutions for their own Blockchain, Blockchain is a project that we can say that the engine offers.
Nuls, open-source, community-focused block a public platform.
The smart contract multi-chain system, the consensus between the chains includes but is not limited to, the architecture is modular with different modules. These modules work with custom block chain is a network that can be customized to fit different industrial targets, and he should.
What are the benefits of NULS?
NULS Technology:
Nuls platform is divided into two sections: micro-kernel and functional modules. Microkernel, serve as the basis for the entire network, while the functional modules provides a modular infrastructure that can be customized. Nuls, users pluggable sub-chains according to their own needs to create and modify blocks with the block chain by providing public and private that people need to fill the gaps in he wants to.
The platform is designed by keeping simplicity in the forefront of the application. Module developers will be able to use a few customizable in conjunction with the main chain. Choose projects according to their skills and customization for this module, developers will allow you the freedom to create your own rules.
Your credit proof a consensus Mechanism: the chain block Nuls, Nuls by the development team that designed a proof of credit (POC) protocol uses. Credit works in a similar way to mail your proof; this means that they need to lock users to conduct mining token NULS NULS.
Smart contract NULS: Nuls, smart integrated into of the contract by the full name of a virtual machine has the block chain. The infrastructure modules and service modules of the virtual machine is located between external internal. Nuls smart contracts, applications applied by various senior, and full is calculated. Smart contracts will allow developers to develop a program in the desired language in a way that is designed in a way that can be adapted to different programming languages.
Also'dk 1 NULS:
Technological Properties Of Blockchain Nuls
Lower chain consensus: Nuls, built on all the sub-chains acts as a basic structure. Developers with all the tools you need sub-chains, with their consensus provides rules and ceremonies modules for personalizations.
Modular Architecture: Nuls, with the continuous developments in blockchain technology, is designed to easily fit in. Due to its modular structure that allows the Linux kernel integrates the flexibility they need to blockchain. This will allow easy implementation of all current Block-Chain Development.
Module Manager: the module manager Nuls, facilitates actions by communicating between all the modules. Manage modules as required by the block chain, is responsible for installing and emptying.
Multi-chain System: Nuls, due to its ability to move between the main chain and the lower NULS chains cross-chain block in the chain confirms the consensus by using the various blocks.
Nuls Block Chains
NULS other crypto currencies what is the difference?
Only peer-to-peer crypto currency that serves as a means of transactions most corresponds to NULS, is an important part of the infrastructure. Join the network and collect the necessary funds for NULS is used to ensure that platform users.
NULS by the development team designed the credit mechanism uses forensic evidence their consensus.
Platform, each with its own rules, according to more than one sub-chain has a modular structure that facilitates the development of.
NULS should we invest in?
So far, the targets set in the roadmap development team managed to finish on time. Currently, the first stage in a three stage development process is undergoing NULS. Recently, in July 2018, network and desktop released your wallet main NULS. Now your wallet can't wait to official launch on other platforms. As we always say to invest it is a risk, and do not take risk more than you can take.
From here you can download the whitepaper located here and you can easily find out all the details about how the coin system works and NULS.

Posted : 16/01/2020 5:26 pm

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