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In the article we explain 10 of the vehicles direksiyonsuz incompetent and how the world will change  

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You, your children or your grandchildren, soon the steering wheel without the owner's driver's license, you'll see that don't require cars. The next transportation revolution of human history, at the gate, if you want to know more about autonomous vehicles, welcome. The next article of our series this week's techno corner, there are cars without a driver.
The fastest way to go from A to B, not only was one of the biggest problems of our ancestors. The process which began with the invention of the wheel, today's self-proceeded to the outgoing car. A large proportion of those who read this article, most futuristic “invention of the wheel is so important,” he said, are witnessing a revolution of autonomous vehicles.
And the autonomous vehicle revolution, the invention of the wheel why is it so important? Up to now, in all of our travels that point to point B, or we had to rely on ourselves or another species. Below us the tools as we evolve the task more of us began to fall. Artificial intelligence, which is a precursor of a larger change in front of us now, there is.
For those wondering here is a simple way we have described in our article the future of artificial intelligence teknomelek. Thanks to artificial intelligence to vote today, you no longer have any living creature where I get to rule, we'll take a closer look at the car. Let the countdown begin:
1. Probably the first autonomous vehicle is not that you will use your own vehicle, public transport vehicle will be:
Nowadays, more than 1700 new entries in the running total I have for autonomous vehicles. You have no reason to increase this number even more in the coming years. All these companies up to 6 people with 4 wheels for vehicles carrying not just themselves they're trying to outbound public transport.
Always make the same point A and between Point B and otomize tools, personal tools, it's easier than. Even tram, metro or Metrobus vehicle autonomous systems, such as city buses also have all the transportation options in specific ways even this system is expected to get introduced soon.
2. Forget two front headlights with ordinary cars, the designs will change. The car will be one of the everyday business and leisure areas and places:
Forbes published research during the fair CES 2018, according to a report above expectations for the design of autonomous vehicles will be the stage for a change. Drivers to be activated front-facing and which could leave over the seats instead of a seat inside the vehicle that uses the space more efficiently will become standard in layout.
Seating and interior changes, the exterior design of the vehicle will also change. For example:
3. The inevitable death of traditional automobile manufacturers:
Ford, 20. in the early years of the century may have led to a major revolution. So the best use of your capital, if you don't convert factories into artificial intelligence workshop, the end is very near. Similarly, Toyota, Subaru, Volkswagen and companies such as are worried.
Over time, some manufacturers have probably rooted and traditional melt, we will witness that they are destroyed at the end of. The survivors of this process themselves they will be faced with more powerful opponents as the right. For example, Tesla, Google, Apple no longer on the roads and maybe we'll see.
4. Asphalt technology the birth of the Giants crying:
Google, Uber, services where giants like Apple and Amazon already have their own map so they know how you're already gone. Indeed, the work also carries to enter the automotive sector for a similar purpose. To obtain more information about journeys in time, and they will have a real say in the world economy.
5. Roads and signs will change:
In terms of design for autonomous vehicles that are great ways to spend change time will begin to decrease and shrink in keeping up with the changes. The signs are no longer on the roads is not to the human eye, the sensors according to the algorithms that control will be held. Sign in will include ads for people on the roads.
6. Bye bye license:
Tesla's autonomous driving systems, the driver stipulates the steering wheel to be touched regularly and frequently. So, people still little control of the owner. Well, when the driver is completely eliminated completely the need for a driver's license will we need?
If you don't open, this is a pretty radical change, maybe soon we won't see. In the years of autonomous vehicles that dominate the traditional ones, you can be sure that they will put this issue on the table regulators.
7. The owner of the car will decrease the number of people, but more and more people will use private vehicles. How?
Like Uber journey sharing applications with duly, the transportation sector has changed. Strangers, people they share their private vehicles for a fee. The owner of the vehicle fully autonomous vehicle that need to move strangers in. For example, you will be able to assign your vehicle to go to work and carry people.
In such an environment, everyone won't have to have a car. Cars, stop being tools and that lies at your door when they are empty they will become more open to sharing personal. You will spend so much money on transportation and you use only as you need it. Rather than paying taxes into a pile of metal that lies on your doorstep, you will have to call the voice assistant with an unmanned vehicle to your door.
8. Tool to produce tofasask own way:
Today's “muscle car” concept visually, the color of the car, the wheels, the hood is changing. Sound systems and performance improvements we can add to this.
What do you know about car modification is changing. If you have a personal autonomous vehicle, every day, spreading your own automobile, you will be able to produce parts with 3D printers.
9. If your shipment comes in, no one is to blame, you will not:
The algorithms of autonomous vehicles, change the course of the shipping industry. More faster and safer shipping, just in time to find the address. In spite of everything, the costs will fall. This precaution is being taken with local giants such as FedEx tasimcilig autonomous drone... add on if not very close to the end.
10. The collapse of the oil giants:
Autonomous vehicles will be the energy source of batteries filled with electricity in a watertight manner. It opens the door for this global crisis. Because most of the oil used to eliminate one of the areas began. This change is probably in the process of resisting against the laws of the oil giants, we'll see.
Out of the companies who made the change and maintenance of the battery to occur, the only work the energy systems of autonomous vehicles will begin interventions to be made. Either way, one day we'll see the extinction of writhing giants with the oil companies or countries.

Posted : 16/01/2020 5:18 pm

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