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How Flying Cars Are Climate-Friendly It Will Be?  

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Sounds like something from a science fiction movie, although the sounds of flying cars a flying, according to a new study, can help to fight climate change if they are in use. Electric companies to produce a flying car in the race.
Boeing Co. SE several companies such as Airbus and NASA in the race to make flying an electric version of the car. The introduction of this technology in five, ten years there seems to be the implementation of. The University of Michigan and Ford Motor Co. according to a study by put into practice in certain situations when they are less than ordinary vehicles, they're going to do to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Research published in the academic journal Nature Communications Day Tuesday, flying long distances and when fully electric cars suggests that passenger capacity could be a much more useful option.
Much electric flying car design is changing from one company to another. However, in general, two or more in a car with the electric propeller, a plane they look like a mix. Some of them can reach speeds of 240 km per hour.
Using public data from companies, the researchers compared energy use and gaseous emissions of ordinary electric cars, flying cars. As a result of this drive over 100 miles a bearing for electric flying cars, ordinary vehicles, compared to 35% less greenhouse gas emissions than that made to cut, they found it. Electric flying cars, even at the same distance gave better results in carrying a driver and three passengers. In this scenario, ordinary cars compared to 52% fewer greenhouse gas emissions, they learned to cut.
Still flying electric cars, electric cars gave poor results as compared to. In a move compared to research electric vehicles drive 38% more degassing, in carrying a driver and three passengers, only 6 percent were found to have less emissions. In terms of efficiency an important energy wasting electric researchers during takeoff and landing flying car, but found that it is highly efficient at long distances. So these tools in the first place seems to be used for long distances.

Posted : 16/01/2020 5:19 pm

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