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Ford: Sport Cars, Useful for your mental health than kissing  

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According to a study performed by Ford, your mental health to be strong, sports cars, enthusiasm is high density than kissing.
According to scientists, high-density Twitter moments we live, the mind is quite beneficial for our health. Ford conducted a study to reveal how all of these intense moments of a sports car.
The study participants in high intensity is found in some activities that will create excitement. Results indicate that the use of a sports car, your health, kissing, or "Game Of Thrones" is much more beneficial than watching.
During the study, the only activity that creates the excitement of a sports car than using high density was riding the roller coaster. Dr. Harry Witchel, according to the sports car you only use it doesn't take you from one point to another, your mind heals.
This study was specifically designed Ford Performance Ford buzz czar. The subjects in the vehicle that provides biological feedback high-intensity thrill experienced when the sensor detects this and provides feedback led located outside of the vehicle 200 thousand.
Ford developed vehicle Ford research and Innovation Center in the city of Aachen in Germany, is the product of a study at 1400 hours. Ford is a perfect candidate for an experiment this labor only he didn't, of course. The resulting data will be used in all future vehicles.
Ford of Europe researchers Dr. Marcel mathij if the ride should be fun and emotional experience, performed by Ford and its partners try driving that is important for Safer Roads and healthier indicated.
The use of a sports car may be good for our health, but for your wallet it's not. Also when you go to work every day to ride the roller coaster too is not possible. For someone who is not his wife or girlfriend, kissing it's not easy. Therefore, the "game of Thrones" continue to watch. Of course, if you haven't seen still.

Posted : 16/01/2020 5:19 pm

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