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URL forwarding feature, theme Sharing in the writings of advertisements that link anywhere who doesn't like to give out that link in and out (like that?) a superb method to use for bloggers. A system or complex code to implement this method you don't need any hosting account. Just a few CSS, HTML and JavaScript code is sufficient.
As far as I was investigating, Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on his blog, and this is implemented as a college project for this property ‘one of a kind that is for this plugin the blogger says.
Before we get to the article, Ahmed Nasir and Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai this useful feature for discovery thank the friend who helps her.
◾How Does It Work?
◾Creating Page
◾jQuery Placement
◾Creating Connection
Click the button to preview.
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How Does It Work?
This feature is 2 pages in the general sense. The first block page. In the second page of the iframe page. Clicking on a link on the blog page opened inside the iframe the first entry in the routing block and the requested page will be displayed.
Page Creation
First, you need to run the code to create a page. This is the control panel for " create a page by following the steps on page.
One of the following codes then paste it into the page as it is.
<div height="100%" id="iframe-container" width="100%"><div height="100%" id="iframe-container" width="100%">
<style type='text/css'>body ,html{
html {
#frame {
#iframe-container {
overflow: hidden;
background: none!important;
<iframe frameborder="0" id="frame" src="" width="100%"> </iframe>
the <script> = 'hidden'; // Firefox, Chrome
document.body.scroll = "no"; // ie only
var query =;
query = query.replace("url=", "");
$('#frame').ATTR('src', query);
var str = $('#iframe-container').html();
As I mentioned the page before saving the settings in the picture below needs to be done.
jQuery Placement
The main structure of the site to work the code in the <body>...</body> you need to add a div in between. We can do it this way:
The control panel "Sanlon" backup/restore " download full template after you follow the steps, click on the button edit HTML expand widget templates box select from the same menu, and then do the following.
It is very important to save the theme. You can't go from there because you will need a backup of the theme to begin with.
]]></b:skin> and add the following jQuery code just before the code to look for.
the <script>
$(document).ready(function() {
$('[data-out]').click(function(e) {
if($(e.srcElement).attr('target') == "_blank") {"" + $(e.srcElement).attr('href'), '_blank');
} else {
window.location = "" + $(e.srcElement).attr('href');
With Red change according to the places I mentioned your own blog. I ended up with this code the configuration process.
Create A Link
To be able to jQuery use this feature to create a connection within the code we assigned one of the following is not true it is sufficient that the value.
<a href="#" data-out="true">Link out</a>
Link address: http:// note that begin with.
You can use this code for each page. For example, you can create a separate page for a separate preview page for the download page.
The code I gave you in the beginning content on the page scrolling with the page by editing the page you can put a logo or bar.
If you did it step by step if what I'm telling you, the connection will be opened as desired without leaving your own blog. But the link is seen as out anyway. So when you write the link if you write it in the form of the outside does not appear as a link. If you use links this way, if you can skip this step.
data-tag out if you don't want to add individually, or your blog if you make this possible, the number of publications in these check out my post: Give all links nofollow and blank Outside

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